So the new course is pretty much finished and riders are starting to turn up at the field. Some awesome evening sessions over the past few weeks making sure the course is perfect for everyone this weekend! Enjoy some pictures below courtesy of Martyn Wetheralt

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Happy New Year!!!

Just wanted to say what an awesome year 2013 has been for me and my riding!  Riding for Andrei Burton Events has taken me all over the place, riding new places, meeting new people and simply living the best life a bike rider could ask.  Identiti bikes have made the year brilliant with the bikes they have given me, and can still say have not riden a better bike before, than my P66!  Am glad to say i’ll be representing both Andrei Burton Evens and Identiti Bikes through to 2014 aswell!!!  Here’s a few pics from riding at Maroubra skatepark last week. Enjoy!!!


Well after a busy and hectic 2013 I’ve have a bit of time off and and a the sickest time ever In Australia the past few weeks. And pretty stoked to stay I’m gona be here until spring 2014 so watch out for a Sydney edit coming in the next few weeks. And will also be heading down to Melbourne at some point to ride with the locals there! Here’s a few Drift Ghost screen shots from a evening session at Bondi skatepark (my local for a few months as living in Bronte for now) Enjoy

Summer’s not done yet!

The last few weeks have been awesome, loads of riding, still some sunshine days to be had before the winter sets in.  We’ve been doing shows around the south west with the team and have a ton of cool pics taken by On the Mark Photography.  We’ve been in Exeter, South Molten and Sidmouth last week.   Hopefuly saturday im going to try my luck out in the hardtail catagory at the Plymouth Urban Downhill.  Should be interesting!

Dirt Wars Round 5 FINALS

This weekend just passed saw the coming together of all the uk crew for the finals of Dirt Wars at rocket world!  Was a quality weekend just seeing and riding with everyone again as i haven’t competed much this year so was good.  Didnt quite nail the run i wanted in fianls and everyone rode so sick, that an average run wasnt going to cut it! Well done to daryl for winning on the day and Ray for taking the series overall win.  Pic by Sam Davies

dirt wars

Picture from this evenings session at the field on the Drift Ghost Cam

Picture By Emily at ‘The Field’

2nd place at Dirt Wars UK THE TRACK!

podiumSunday saw round 4 of the UK Dirt series hosted by The Track at Portreath in Cornwall.  We had major headwind all day so it made riding the jumps very difficult and unpredictable.  I Qualified in 3rd place and was stoked! really hoping to hold on to that, for a podium finish in the finals.  My first run turned out to be my best as the wind nearly killed me in my final 2 runs. my run was a flip, tuck no hands, whip, flip x-up. And this run managed to get me 2nd place in the finals.  Well done my my buddy Freddy Pulman taking the win, and Matt Scott in 3rd.  I flipwhiped in the best trick but only managed to stick one pedal and got a flat on the way back to the top of the course so couldnt give it a second try.  well done freddy who took the win for a Flip Barspin.  Thanks to the the Dirt Wars crew Cliff, Rob, Dylan and co for putting on a cool event!!